Happen at Once

A Way of Keeping Everything from Happening at Once

The duet A Way of Keeping Everything from Happening at Once is the result of a research on duality of patterning.

Duality of patterning is the human ability to conceptualize. It is therefore the origin of human language, both spoken and written.

Conceptualization relies on the creation of a link between two separate elements, such as object/sound (speech) and sound/symbol (writing). It is the boundaries of such links that we have been investigating.

over de makers

Samuel Feldhandler is a French dance artist living and working mostly between Holland and Germany.

Being from a family of musicians, his works as a maker often share a musical foundation.
His first composition, entitled B-minor Sinfonia, was a research on counterpoint, based on the quodlibet of the Goldberg Variations by J.S.Bach. Samuel later made a work for four dancers called For Four, which researched the musical technique of Harmony in a dance context.

About Niels Weijer

Niels Weijer (1988) is an Amsterdam based dancer and choreographer, born and raised in the Netherlands.
He studied ballet at the Dutch National Ballet school in Amsterdam, followed by an education in modern dance in 2006 at Rotterdamse Dansacademie. After graduation in 2010, Niels worked in Germany for two years.
Afterwards, he moved back to The Netherlands to start a career as a freelance dancer and choreographer.

About Happen at Once

Concept : Samuel Feldhandler & Niels Weijer
Dance : Samuel Feldhandler & Niels Weijer
Music : Ab Baars & Vera Hiltbrunner
Scenography : Wout Jansen
Light design :  Wout Jansen